Slaves Of The Highway

A large group of Filipino and Sri Lancan drivers were exploited by the Danish haulier Kurt Beier Transport. They lived ... Details

Courage – Journalism

Watch the full length film here The film is free-for-all and comes with 13 different subtile languages They are devo... Details

Bitter Grapes –

(December 2019: Full length film avaialble below) ”I don’t want to shake your filthy hand. You are a disgusting ... Details

A Heart That Never Dies

A Heart That Never Dies A TV series in 6 episodes about courage and human rights. Journalists, lawyers, political ... Details

The Carbon Crooks

The Carbon Crooks (Full length documentary film below) In December 2019, one of the crucial points in the negotiatio... Details

The Micro Debt

(December 2019: Watch the full length film below)   For decades Microcredit has been hailed as the #1 soluti... Details

The Bitter Taste Of Tea

(December 2019: Watch the full length film below) In the beautiful lush tea gardens in Kenya, India, Bangladesh a... Details

A Tower Of Promises

(December 2019: Watch the full length film below) The world have never been bigger. In seconds we can connect. From... Details

A Killer Bargain

(December 2019: Watch the full length film below) Story line: Pesticides. Yet cotton only covers 4-6 % of the fie... Details


Awards: (selected) "The Micro Debt" The EU-commissions, Lorenzo Natali Prize 2011 -  The Grand Jury Award - sele... Details

Motorvejens Slaver

Op mod 200 filippinske og srilankanske lastbilschauffører kørte for det danske selskab Kurt Beier Transport A/S. Men s... Details

Bitre Druer – Slaveri

Når du handler vin, skal du måske overveje hvordan den er blevet produceret, før du lægger den i indkøbskurven. ... Details