A Tower Of Promises

(December 2019: Watch the full length film below)

The world have never been bigger. In seconds we can connect. From Scandinavia to Bangladesh.
Globalization can create economical growth even in the poorest countries of the world. Good for some but not for all. The gap between the rich and the poor has never been bigger: 980 million people are starving every day, Just 1000 people own on
average more than 4 billion Dollars, 850 million people suffers from chronic malnutrition.
Who are the winners and who are the losers?
This documentary shows how Ericsson and Telenor for more than a decade have neglected to live up to their own Code Of Conduct. Fatal accidents, child labour, hazardous working conditions and environmental disasters are everyday occurrences in their factories in Bangladesh. Thousands of poor workers, work for subcontractors to Ericcson and Telenor (Two of the largest telecommunication companies in the world). These multinational
companies guarantees to the public and their shareholders, that the employees and suppliers have to live up to the most basic human rights and environmental standards. “A Tower Of Promises” documents how these guarantees are nothing more than empty words.
“Flip The Coin – A Tower Of Promises” is a co-production between SVT, Sweden – DR, Denmark and NRK, Norway. For more information, sales, international version please contact Tom Heinemann.

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